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Union County takes pride in educating residents young and old. Through the great public school system, private schools, local colleges, and informal education opportunities, there are many ways to learn, grow, and help others learn as well.

What education options are there for K-12 in Union County?

Union County has a public school for K-12 education.

There are also a variety of private school options.


What resources are there for adults interested in college or furthering their education?

Common Heart assists adults in improving their ability to read.

Resources can be found in the Education and Training section of the Union County Community Resource Guide.

Options for College:



Back to School

To best prepare for a new school year, make sure you have a good understanding of following from the school:

  • Transportation options and bus stop locations
  • Teacher contact information
  • What to bring
  • What meal-plan options there are
  • What after-school sports and recreation opportunities there are
  • What policies and procedures are involved if there is a conflict

For general tips about how to best prepare, visit: