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Jury Commission

Member Name Position Title Term Date District Qualifications

John Burns

Regular Member appointed by Resident Superior Court Judge

11/1/2011 - 12/31/2013

at large

County Resident

Jarrod McCraw

Regular Member appointed by Clerk of Superior Court

11/1/2011 - 12/31/2013

at large

County Resident

Gary Salek

Regular Member appointed by UC Board of Commissioners


at large

County Resident

Notes: If a member name cell is blank, it can mean either the current position and term are vacant, or the person who served in the capacity during the term date is still serving until a new appointment is made.


NCGS 9-1

Number of Positions


Meeting Information

The Jury Commission will call their own meeting

The Jury Commission meets once every two years between the months of June through December.

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Contact Information

Clerk to the Board of Commissioners:
Lynn West, CMC
500 N. Main St., Room 914
Monroe, NC 28112

Phone: 704-283-3853

About the Jury Commission

To prepare lists of prospective jurors . Members: The Jury Commission is comprised of three members: one member appointed by the Senior Regular Resident Superior Court Judge; one member appointed by the Clerk of Superior Court; and one member appointed by the Board of Commissioners. The appointees shall be qualified voters of the County, and members may be re-appointed to successive terms.