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Richard Helms

Richard Helms, Chairman

Chairman Richard Helms was elected to the Union County Board of Commissioners in November 2012. He has served as Chairman and Vice-Chairman multiple times.

With the exception of his time in the Air Force and his time moving with IBM management assignments, Chairman Helms has been a resident of this area his entire life.

Chairman Helms spent 30 years with the IBM Corporation. At IBM he served in various management positions and spent the last 10 years as a customer service executive responsible for computer support across the US for several of the largest banks in the country. He retired from IBM in 2000 and formed Consulting IT Professionals, a management consulting company that taught management principles and performed audits on financial facilities across the county.

Chairman Helms has been married to his wife, Ann, for 37 years. They have five children; four of whom graduated from Union County Public Schools. The family has fond memories of working with the Sun Valley and Weddington High School band associations. For the past several years, Chairman Helms has served on the CMC Trustee Council and had the privilege of participating in the formation and signing of the new CMC hospital contract. Additionally, he has served on the Board of the Catawba River Water Supply Project, Centralina Regional Transportation Organization, Rocky River Transportation Authority, Union County DHS Board and the Local Emergency Planning Committee.

Chairman Helms is focused on the conservative principles of limited government, public safety and low taxes. This has to be accomplished by being good stewards of our tax dollars and proper management of our county resources. He looks forward to serving the citizens of Union County and welcomes their input on all areas of our county government.