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Dennis Rape

Dennis Rape, Vice Chairman

Vice-Chairman Dennis Rape was elected to office in November 2018. He has served as Vice-Chairman since December 2018. He was previously elected to the Union County Board of Education in 2016.

Commissioner Rape was nominated for the John Motley Morehead Scholarship to UNC and accepted an Associate Trustee Scholarship to Wingate College his senior year. He attended Wingate College from 1972-74 and also worked as a Vice President for Piedmont Farm Credit Service. He married his wife, Helen Baucom of Oakboro, NC in 1973.

After a two year stint as a loan officer in Farm Credit, he went in the Fertilizer and Grain Business, serving farmers in Union County and surrounding counties. He continued this service to the agriculture community for 20 years. In 1996 he began his teaching career in career technical education and taught for 16 years until he retired in 2011.

Commissioner Rape and his wife are the proud parents of three children. Jamie born in 1975, was their oldest and only son. He died of a brain tumor in 1989 after living a very full and outgoing life. They also have two daughters. Megan Rape, 34, a nurse with Novant Health and Vanessa Evans, 39, a school Nurse with UCPS at Weddington Elementary. Vanessa is married to Josh Evans and they have two daughters, Lydia Louise Evans and Adelyn Cate Evans. The two grandchildren helped their “PAW” be sworn in by holding the bible as the oath was administered.

Commissioner Rape has been active in his adult life in helping young people. He enjoys serving people with a Servant’s Heart.