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Behavioral Health Collaborative

Behavioral Health Collaborative

Behavioral Health Collaborative Student Support Team

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We are a part of the Student Support Team for many Union County Public Schools. Together we can do more to positively impact the social & emotional well-being of students.

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Program Manager:

Christina Neal, MA, LPC

School Social Work Supervisor:

Tamara Smith, MSW

Behavioral Health Therapist Supervisor:

Mindy Huelle, MSW, LCSW

Services for Students

  • Increase academic success and decrease truancy & suspension
  • Provide assessment, support, crisis intervention and or clinical therapy.
  • Assist with social skill and self-esteem development.

Services for Families

  • Parent/Guardian Support
  • School & Community Resource access
  • Home visits

Services for Educators

  • Training/information related to social and emotional needs impacting student’s academic performance
  • Assist and consult regarding behavior management, attendance & truancy, child abuse & neglect, mental health and crisis intervention
  • Collaborate with student support services