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Why is Union County digging in my yard? Will they repair my property? - FAQs


Why is Union County Public Works digging in my yard?

Union County Public Works operates around the clock to provide you reliable water and sewer service. Sometimes system maintenance requires us to dig in our customers’ yards in order to access the lines.Union County Public Works operates around the clock to provide you reliable water and sewer service. Sometimes system maintenance requires us to dig in our customers’ yards in order to access the lines.

Why are there colored flags in my yard?

If there is a small, colored flag in your yard, it marks the location of an underground utility. In most cases, the location has been marked because maintenance is needed on the water and sewer system and will require digging to access the lines.

Is Union County Public Works required to alert me of digging or allow time for me to remove items located in the easement or right-of-way?

Union County Public Works Field Technicians and Customer Service Representatives will attempt to contact you and discuss the actions needed to be taken prior to digging. However, when the digging is of an emergency nature, there may not be time to alert you and allow for removal of items that should not be located in the easement or right-of-way. For more information on easements, click here.

If Union County Public Works performs an excavation on my property, will they restore my lawn, sidewalk or driveway?

Yes, Union County will ensure the proper restorations are completed to the area affected back to original condition with like materials, including the grass, concrete, asphalt, or gravel driveways. (Fresh concrete will not always match the original color.)

Are there things that Union County Public Works isn’t required to fix if they get damaged during an excavation?

Yes, when you have an easement crossing your property, it is important that access by the County is not restricted. The County must be able to reach the infrastructure for routine maintenance and required repairs. For more information on easements, please click here .

Union County crews will make every attempt to work around any personally-owned underground utilities. However, if damage does occur as a result of UCPW activities, you will need to have the items repaired. The County is not responsible for the repair or replacement of any unauthorized items found in, located on, or limiting access to an easement such as:

• Lighting

• Irrigation systems

• Fencing, retaining walls

• Trees, shrubs, landscape materials

How long after Union County Public Works completes the work on my property will it be before the restorations are made?

It may take up to approximately 12 business days for the contractor or Union County employees to return and make the repairs. This time may be extended due to the weather.

The landscaping has been completed. What do I do now?

For grass seed or sod, keep surface soil moist by watering until normal germination takes place in approximately two weeks. Heavier, less frequent watering is sufficient as grass seedlings grow to cutting height.

Are you going to put down seed or sod?

The area will be restored to its original condition with like materials, with the exception of new taps.

Do I have to pay for the extra water I am going to have to use to water the seed or sod?

Yes, although it is a relatively small amount, you will be responsible for the water it takes to maintain the newly established seed or sod.

Can I fix my yard myself? If so will the County reimburse me?

Yes, you may fix your yard at your expense. Union County Public Works will not reimburse you for the repairs. Union County has contractors and personnel designated to ensure quality landscaping is completed in a timely manner.

What if I feel that there has been damage to my property?

If you feel that damage has been done to your property, you may report the damage to the Union County Public Works Customer Service team (704) 296-4210. A representative will discuss the situation and possible options with you.

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