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Temporary Charlotte Water Switch FAQs

Temporary Charlotte Water Switch FAQs

What are we doing?

Union County is temporarily using water supplied by Charlotte Water to serve its customers in the Stallings area to ensure adequate water supply during peak summer demand. This temporary switch will last from August 17, 2020 through October 30, 2020.

Will there be any differences in my service?

Charlotte Water and Union County Public Works utilize different water treatment methods. Charlotte Water uses free chlorine as a disinfectant; Union County Public Works uses chloramines. Both methods meet federal and state water quality standards and are safe and effective. Our customers who receive Charlotte Water will not be charged a different rate and their monthly bill will still be generated by Union County.

During this process, is the water safe to drink and use?

Yes. The water being distributed to customers during this period will continue to meet federal and state water quality standards and is safe for consumption and use.

Although most customers will not notice a difference in their water, customers on dialysis are advised to contact their physician to obtain the appropriate steps to accommodate the change in water disinfection. Customers who have fish tanks or aquatic species are advised to contact a professional aquarist to avoid any problems associated with chlorine.

How is the switch to Charlotte water being performed?

Union County has connections to the pipes that Charlotte Water uses to distribute water to its customers. When necessary, we can open valves between the pipes that allow water to flow between the systems. This is known as an interconnect.

What effects may customers observe when the switch is made to Charlotte Water?

While most customers will not notice any change in the water, some customers may see some of the following during this process:

  • A slight discoloration or cloudiness in the water;
  • A slight chlorine odor or taste;
  • Minor fluctuations in water pressures while flushing is occurring;
  • Minor discoloration in the water due to flushing the system;
  • Utility crews operating fire hydrants to flush the system.

What should customers do if they experience any discoloration or odor?

If the water is discolored or cloudy, flush the water through an outside spigot or tub faucet for a few minutes to clear. It will not clog faucet strainers.

What is Union County’s long-term solution to avoid future supply issues?

Union County has two major projects in its capital improvement program to address water supply. The first project increases the capacity of treated water at the Catawba River Water Treatment Plant. Once those improvements are complete, it will give Union County water customers an additional 2 million gallons per day. The second project, Yadkin Regional Water Supply Project, addresses Union County’s need for an additional reliable water supply. For more information on the project, please visit

Where can I receive more information on Charlotte Water?

For more information on Charlotte Water, including water quality data and annual water quality reports, please visit Charlotte Water's water quality webpage.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

Please contact Union County Public Works Customer Service team at (704) 296-4210 or via email.