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Resource: Irrigation Variation Application

Irrigation Variance Application

At the May 4, 2015 County Commission’s regular meeting, the Board approved and adopted an updated Water Use Ordinance and associated Water Shortage Response Plan.

This ordinance establishes a new irrigation schedule for residential and commercial properties and is effective immediately. Since 2007, the County’s water customers have been restricted to a maximum of two days per week for irrigation. Under the new ordinance, the restriction is being relaxed to three days per week.


For most of our customers, the new three-day schedule simply adds an additional day to the current two-day schedule. Please refer to the top right corner of your water bill to determine your billing cycle and the table below to determine your new irrigation schedule.

Although the new ordinance permits up to three days per week irrigation during non-drought conditions, we continue to urge all of our customers to irrigate only when needed. For more information on how you can conserve water and to see the entire Water Use Ordinance and Water Shortage Response Plan, visit the Water Conservation section on this webpage.


Irrigation Schedule by State and by Street Address