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Marshville Customer Transition

Update on Customer Transition from Marshville Public Utility to Union County Public Works

The planned changeover date of January 2, 2020 will be postponed until further notice, as leaders from the Town of Marshville and Union County work together to finalize the project details.

To make certain that we can provide you with the best water and wastewater services, we have extended the targeted date to accommodate additional time needed for ensuring a smooth and seamless changeover.

As soon as more information is available, we will share an updated timeline and next steps with you. In the meantime, if you haven’t turned in your Union County Public Works new customer application, you can complete it at your convenience. If you already turned in your application, there is no additional action needed on your part.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience during this time. We look forward to serving you.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. If you have any questions, please contact Union County Public Works Customer Service at 704.296.4210 or

All Marshville Customers

As part of the transition, all current Marshville Utility customers will need to fill out the New Customer Application enclosed with this letter and return it to the Union County Public Works Customer Service Team at your convenience. You can download an application here.

FAQs About The Transition

When will Union County begin serving the Town of Marshville with water and sewer service?

Union County will begin providing water and sewer services to the customers of Marshville Utility in 2020. Marshville customers will need to complete the application process with Union County Public Works at your convenience.

Who can I contact with any questions or concerns about the transition?

Please contact the Union County Public Works Customer Service Team at (704) 296-4210 or

I’m a current Marshville Public Utility customer. Do I need to fill out a New Customer Application?

Yes. All current Marshville customers will need to fill out the New Customer Application at your convenience to continue water and sewer service with Union County.

Where can I get a New Customer Application?

You can download an application here.

Where can I turn in my completed New Customer Application?

  • Mail your application to:
    Union County Public Works, 500 North Main Street, Suite 400, Monroe, NC 28112

  • Turn into collection box located in the main lobby of Marshville Town Hall (only available during regular business hours).

When will my monthly water and sewer payment be due each month?

Your water and sewer payment must be received by Union County Public Works on the 28th of each month.

I have automatic bill payment with Marshville. Will that transfer when I become a Union County customer?

Your automatic payment method will not transfer to Union County. You will need to schedule a recurring bank draft or online payment with Union County Public Works to continue automatic payments.

How can I make automatic bank draft or online payments?

Downloadable bank draft forms and online payment methods (one-time and recurring) are available here .

Completed bank draft forms can be returned to: Union County Public Works
500 North Main Street, Suite 400
Monroe, NC 28112

Where can I send my monthly bill payment?

Mail in payment (include bill stub with check):

Union County Public Works

P.O. Box 580194

Charlotte, NC 28258-0194

Pay in-person:

Union County Tax Office

500 N. Main St.

Monroe, NC 28112


W. Crowell St. near Government Center in a silver drop box

Will I receive a new water and sewer account number?

Yes. All Marshville customers will receive new account numbers.

What are my irrigation days?

Your irrigations schedule is based on your address. Even-numbered addresses may water on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Odd-numbered addresses may water on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays. No customers are permitted to water on Mondays. Drip irrigation or hand watering (hose, watering can, etc.) is allowed any day of the week.

What improvements does Union County plan to make to the water and sewer system?

Union County is performing an extensive evaluation of the system and will determine the short- and long-term improvements that are needed. We will send out the results of that study once it is final.

Does Union County Public Works issue Boil Water Advisories?

Yes. Precautionary Boil Water Advisories may be issued because of water system loss of power, loss of water pressure, a water main (pipe) break or other unforeseen emergency. When the pressure is lost, it is possible that contaminants could seep into the pipes. The advisory does not mean that the water is contaminated. It is only a precaution. Should an advisory be issued for your area, a notification will be placed on your door.