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Billing & Payment Information

Union County has contracted with Paymentus Corporation to implement a more secure, convenient and user-friendly online payment system for its residents. The new-and-improved interface provides a myriad of benefits, enabling customers to pay their water and sewer bills faster, easier, and more securely.

Paymentus is a third party automated payment service that offers payment options for customers interested in paying their bill online or by using an automated phone service.

How can I pay my bill if I prefer not to pay online?

Customers who do not have an online account set up will still be able to pay by:


  • Phone at 704-292-2537 (24 hour automated service)
  • In-person at the Union County Government Center Tax Collector’s Office at 500 North Main Street, Suite 119, Monroe, NC 28112
  • Mail at Union County Public Works, PO Box 580194, Charlotte, NC 28258-0194. Please include bill stub to ensure your payment is posted promptly
  • Automatic Bank Draft
  • Drop box at the silver box on curb of West Crowell Street (near Government Center).

What are the benefits of the new system?

Customers who register their accounts will have the ability to view and pay multiple accounts, as well as view account payment history and consumption information. Additional enhancements include the capability to securely save multiple payment types, the option of signing up for paperless billing with email and text reminders, and the opportunity to schedule automatic payments from your checking account or credit/debit card.

How can I sign up for paperless billing?

Paperless billing (“e-Bill”) will allow our customers to receive electronic bill notifications via e-mail or SMS/Text and view bills online. Register here.

How can I schedule automated payments?

To sign up for Automatic Bank Draft payments, download and fill out the application, sign it, and attach an original check from the account you would like to debit with “VOID” written across it. Deposit slips will not be accepted. Submit your application and check to Union County Customer Service by one of these methods:

  • Union County Public Works, 500 North Main Street, Suite 400, Monroe, NC 28112
  • Fax at 704-296-4231
  • Email at


To sign up for Automatic eCheck payments, register here.


To sign up for Automatic Credit/Debit Card payments, register here. A convenience fee of $3.25 will apply for each transaction using a credit/debit card.


After enrolling in a form of auto payment, you'll still continue to receive your itemized monthly water and sewer bill. Your checking account will automatically be debited for all charges shown on your bill each month. You can still call Union County Customer Service (704) 296-4210 if you ever have questions about your bill. We offer three automatic payment plan options: Automatic Bank Draft, Automatic Electronic Check and Automatic Credit/Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover). With automated bill payments, your recurring utility bills will be paid automatically. This eliminates the need for you to write out a check each time a bill is due and saves the cost of postage for mailing your check to the County. Your payment is always made on time, so there are no worries about late payments or late fees, even when you are on vacation.


Are there fees for using the Paymentus system?

For customers who are not registered in the Paymentus system, a convenience fee of $3.25 will apply for all payment types.

All customers registered in the Paymentus system who pay using a credit/debit card will incur a service fee of $3.25 as established by our third party bill-pay vendor, Paymentus, to cover the costs of their service. There is no charge for customers registered in Paymentus paying by e-Check.

Credit card companies charge businesses, like Paymentus, a percentage of the payment for processing services. In fairness to all of our customers, we need to ensure that the customers who want the convenience of paying with a charge card pay for the service. Union County Public Works does not profit from this service.

How will my payment be confirmed?

Union County will receive instant notification of your payment. For each payment, you will receive a confirmation number for your records.

How will the payment be displayed on my credit/debit card statement?

Your statement will have two entries. One will be for the payment to Union County. The other will be your service fee payment to Paymentus Corporation.

May I pay using my credit/debit card at any time?

Yes, Paymentus offers a 24-hour service for payments by credit/debit card. To avoid penalties associated with late payments and disconnect processing, payments must be received by 5:00 pm on the due date.

Who can I speak with if I’m experiencing difficulties making my payment?

For technical help, please contact the Paymentus Call Center at 1-800-420-1663, or e-mail them at

For help understanding your Union County bill, please call (704) 296-4210 or e-mail