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Critical Intersection Program

Critical Intersection Program

In 2014 Union County determined it needed a list of high priority intersections to focus efforts with its municipalities and the NCDOT when responding to project solicitations for funding. Union County does not own or maintain roads, but through planning and growth management it wants to help provide a safe and efficient road network. In 2016 the county adopted a Critical Intersection Analysis, which identified a series of intersections throughout the county that would be competitive for funding through the NCDOT or Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO). There are actually over two dozen funded intersection improvements throughout the county, so an additional benefit of this process is letting the community know about all the transportation improvements scheduled for the near future.

In 2019 Union County updated its list of priority intersections. We received literally thousands of public comments during our public input process. The stakeholders committee evaluated the input, as well as additional crash history information for the highest scoring intersections, to determine which projects should be considered in the process. The final list of 15 intersections is based on this public input and technical analysis of the intersections and was adopted by Union County as its priority for future emphasis for grant applications and advocacy.

Since then Union County has received two grants to develop designs and cost estimates for 11 of the 15 intersections. The first grant is complete, with designs for six of the 15 locations. You can review the study results here, which was completed in July, 2020. Union County and several affected municipalities approved designs and cost estimates on a second group of five intersections, which was completed in June, 2021. You can review the study results here.

Want to learn more about the 2019 Critical Intersection Analysis report and current status of intersections in the county?

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