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Union County Code

Click here to access the Union County Code


The Union County Code (the “Code”), which is linked to above and hosted on an external non-County owned and maintained website, represents the Code previously adopted by the Union County Board of Commissioners. However, from time to time, the Code may be updated, or ordinances may be passed which would modify the content of the Code. Any Code update, or ordinance(s) adoption which modifies the Code, which was enacted since the last time the database contained in the website linked to above has been updated will not appear in the Code contained on such website. Additionally, certain classes of ordinances of a limited or transitory nature (as such ordinance classes are set forth and described in the Code), which ordinances have been previously enacted, or which may be enacted in the future, are not a part of the Code and are maintained separate from the Code. Union County therefore makes no representation as to completeness or accuracy of the information on this website or the website linked to above, nor are these websites intended to replace any official source of County information. Complete and accurate copies of the Union County Code and all other Union County ordinances currently in effect are available through the Union County Clerk’s Office. Anyone who uses information obtained from this website, or the website linked to above, does so at their own risk. Union County assumes no responsibility for any decisions made or actions taken based upon this information. The user agrees to hold Union County harmless from all actions, claims, damages or judgments arising out of the use of any information obtained from this web site or the website linked to above.