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Environmental Health Fees

Environmental Health Fee Schedule

Food Program Fees  
Food Establishment Plan Review $250.00
Mobile Food Unit/Push Cart Plan Review $150.00
Temporary/Limited Food Establishment Application $75.00
Swimming Pool Fees  
Public Swimming Pool Operation Permit $275.00
Public Swimming Pool Plan Review $250.00
Pool Re-Visit Fee $75.00
Other Fees  
Tattoo Permit $200.00
Mass Gathering Permit $375.00
Record Requests $10.00

On-Site Water Protection Program Fees    
Improvement Permit Application*,** Residential $300.00
(Site evaluation for septic system approval) Commercial $450.00
Construction Authorization Permit Type II c $200.00
(By system type) Type III b $300.00
  Type IV a $450.00
  Type V $600.00
  Type VI $1200.00
Septic System Repair Permit (Construction Authorization)   $100.00
Septic Permit Re-Design Fee   $125.00
Inspection of Existing Septic System (Waiver)   $75.00
Septic System Re-Visit Fee   $75.00

Engineered Option Permit: Per NC General Statute 130A-336.1 (n): 30% of the cumulative total fees to obtain an Improvement, Construction Authorization and Operation Permit for the type of on-site waste water system designed.

* The maximum lot size evaluated per Improvement Permit (site evaluation) application is limited to 3 acres.

** Property owner or applicant must provide a back hoe (minimum 2’ wide bucket) with trained operator for new system soil/site evaluations. A back hoe is not required when soil/site evaluations are conducted to evaluate an existing on-site wastewater disposal system for repair or expansion.

Water Sample and Well Fees  
Well Permit $480.00
Well Repair Permit/Down-Hole Camera Assessment $100.00
Well Re-Visit Fee $50.00
Bacterial Water Sample $70.00
Petroleum Sample $105.00
Pesticide Sample $110.00
Herbicide Sample $110.00
Nitrate/Nitrite Testing $75.00
Inorganic Water Sample $130.00
Iron Bacteria/Arsenic Speciation $80.00
Sulfur Bacteria $80.00
Anion Analysis (fluoride, chloride, sulfate) $35.00
Fluoride $10.00
Hexavalent Chromium $100.00