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Work First

Work First

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North Carolina’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program, called Work First (WF), is based on the premise that parents have a responsibility to support themselves and their children. Work First is an employment program designed to assist families that are in a temporary financial crisis. The Work First program provides a wide array of supportive services to aid families in achieving self-sufficiency. The Work First program promotes a strengths-based, family-centered practice approach.

Work First objectives include but are not limited to:

  • Job readiness
  • Employment
  • Child well-being
  • Economic self-sufficiency
  • Safe and affordable housing
  • Improved physical and mental health of families

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Eligibility Requirements

The following chart describes the Work First eligibility requirements:

Eligibility requirement what's needed
Identity Passport, ID or other primary documents
Address/Living With/Living Arrangement Valid NC driver's license, lease agreement or utility bill
Age Birth certificate
Kinship Birth certificate or copy of court order documents
Citizenship/Alien Status Passport, ID or other primary documents
Social Security Number Valid Social Security card or number
Income: Wages, self-employment, public benefits, private retirement benefits, trust, etc. Wage stubs, verification from employer, tax forms, award letter
Assets/Resources Ownership and tax records, bank and court documents

Work First Maximum Allotment

Assistance unit* maximum benefit payment
1 $181
2 $236
3 $272
4 $297
5 $324
6 $349
7 $373
8 $386
9 $406
10 $430
11 $448
12 $473
13 $496
14 $521

* The assistance unit includes all individuals who live in the home and will receive the benefit. This may include individuals who are temporarily absent from the home.

How to Apply

Work First Employment Services
Please call 704-296-4300 and you will be transferred to a Work First Employee. If you reach voicemail, please leave a message and your call will be returned within 48 hours.

Work First Family Assistance
Applications for Work First Assistance can be accessed in the following manner:

  • Click here to download application and print application
  • Pick-up paper application for Work First Cash Assistance at the Human Services building
  • Telephone applications or recertification assistance for Work First please call 704-296-4300

Submit all required, completed information using one of these methods:

  • Email
  • Fax: Work First- 704-296-6148
  • Mail: 2330 Concord Avenue, Monroe, NC 28110
  • Drop box in front of the flagpole
  • Drive through window past the entrance to Human Services Agency building

Contact Information

2330 Concord Avenue
Monroe, NC 28110

Phone: 704-296-4320