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What home projects require a permit?

Generally speaking, most home improvements will require a permit. Examples of such work include, but aren’t limited to the addition, repair, or replacement of load bearing structures; and the addition or change in design of plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical wiring.

Certain minor activities are exempt from the permitting requirements. Such examples include, but aren’t limited to replacement of water heaters provided there is no change in fuel, energy source, location, capacity, or routing of venting and piping; repair or replacement of electrical devices and fixtures of the same type; as well as any minor alterations not including any of the above mentioned items and costing less than $15,000.

How do I apply for a permit?

The following items will be needed in order to complete the application process.

The cost of the residential permit is based upon square footage (heated and/or unheated). Please reference the fee schedule.

What happens if I don't pass my inspection?

The contractor of record will be notified of the inspection results. Corrections to any failed inspection should be made prior to requesting a second inspection. There is no additional fee charged for the re-check. However, if an additional inspection is requested and the job fails a second time, an additional trip charge of $80 may be imposed. In this case, no additional inspections will be performed until the fee is paid.

Where can I find information about building codes?

By clicking the above, registered users can apply for a permit online or register to be able to apply online. To manually submit a permit application in person please click the desired application form in the Popular Resources section of this page.

What other Union County webpages will assist in understanding building code and procedures?

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