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SP105 Crooked Creek WRF Process Improvements

IFB 2021-036

SP105 Crooked Creek WRF Process Improvements

Date Issued: 12/16/20

Date Due: 01/28/21

This project includes replacement of existing brush aerators in the Oxidation Tanks with new rotary disc aerators and VFDs; New Scum Pump Stations No. 1 & 2, including submersible chopper pumps, valve vaults, and a 4” Scum force main discharging to Digesters No. 1 & 2 and the Drying Beds; new Sludge Flow Control Vaults No. 1 – 4, including flow meters and modulating plug valve for controlling flow to the Return Sludge Pump Station; and New Electrical Canopy (MCC-RAS), to provide power and control equipment / connections to the new facilities as well as some existing facilities.