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¾” & 1” Expansion Connectors

IFB 2020-069

¾” & 1” Expansion Connectors

Date Issued: 06/17/20

Date Due: 07/13/20

Union County, through its Public Works Department (hereafter the “County”), is seeking bids for ¾” & 1” Expansion Connectors. The County is inviting bids for ¾” & 1” Expansion Connectors to meet County needs. Any deviation from specifications must be clearly indicated on Section II Specification Form or attached. Costs must include all manufacturer charges including delivery to the Union County Public Works Operation Center, 4600 Goldmine Road, Monroe, NC, 28110, or other address specified on a Purchase Order, and is the total invoice cost to Union County excluding taxes. Deliveries shall be within two (2) weeks of receipt of order.