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Union County, North Carolina

Where to Go When Google Doesn’t Know

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Where to Go When Google Doesn’t Know

Posted on 08/28/15

Library says tapping into the “Hidden Web” can help students make the grade

AUGUST 28, 2015 (MONROE, NC) — With the help of sites such as Google and, students have become savvy online searchers. But even the most agile Internet searchers find that some questions just don’t produce the right results, which leaves them unable to adequately complete their assignments.

Nina Meadows, director for the Union County Public Library, says the problem may not be that the answer isn’t out there, but that the usual search engines don’t always find it. “Free search engines are great for finding simple answers to simple questions, but when the answers really matter, like a student’s homework, we recommend using something more authoritative,” she said. “When you search the free Web you have no idea whether or not you’re getting accurate information.”

By using the resources selected by the state and local library, Meadows says, students are consulting sources designed specifically for student research. “It’s like a grocery store versus a gas station’s food mart,” she said. “You find the selection and quality outweighs the gas station’s convenience. You wouldn’t entrust the gas station with your dinner party, so don’t entrust your child’s homework to just the free Web.”

Using more authoritative resources doesn’t mean more work or paying extra—the library makes these resources available free to every resident of Union County. A good way to get started is to add the homepage to your browser. Once there, click the “Digital Branch,” and select the database you’d like to explore. Some resources require a password, which can be obtained by calling the library.

Once logged on, students can find information to help with assignments and homework at any grade level, and access to a wealth of resources such as Learning Express Library, a digital learning and practice tool; Pronunciator, an online language learning tool; and the NC LIVE databases of journals, magazines, newspapers, videos and more. These resources are what teachers want and expect students to be using for assignments.