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Union County, North Carolina

Vacancies on Union County Boards and Committees

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Vacancies on Union County Boards and Committees

Posted on 08/02/16

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Union County Board of Commissioners is seeking applications from residents of Union County who are interested in serving on the following boards and/or committees:

  1. Nursing Home Advisory Committee (At least seven (7) vacancies)
  2. Home and Community Care Block Grant Advisory Committee (Three (3) vacancies for community representatives)
  3. Adult Care Home Advisory Committee (One (1) vacancy)
  4. Consolidated Human Services Board (Vacancies as follows: Professionals to include: Psychologist, Optometrist, Veterinarian, and One (1) Psychiatrist licensed to practice medicine in the State; Two (2) vacancies for a Consumer of Human Services)
  5. Industrial Facilities and Pollution Control Financing Authority (Two (2) vacancies)
  6. Region F Aging Advisory Committee (One (1) vacancy for an alternate member)
  7. Union County Board of Equalization & Review (Two (2) vacancies as of February 2017)
  8. Union County Historic Preservation Commission (Two (2) vacancies as of February 2017)
  9. Library Board of Trustees (vacancies as of February 2017 as follows: Weddington Representative, Waxhaw Representative, Marshville Representative, and one At Large position)
  10. Union County Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee (Three (3) vacancies as of February 2017, and one (1) vacancy for an unexpired term ending February 2018)

Profile/application sheets may be obtained by calling Lynn West at 704-283-3810 or from the County’s website at Please submit completed profile sheets by Tuesday, January 10, 2017, to the Office of the Clerk to the Board of Commissioners, 500 N. Main Street, 9 th Floor, Monroe, NC 28112, or by fax 704-282-0121/704-283-3793 or by email to

Note: Information provided in the profile sheet shall be considered a matter of public record and may therefore be subject to disclosure upon request pursuant to North Carolina’s Public Records Law, NCGS §132-1, et seq.