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Union County, North Carolina

Union County Urges Water Conservation Among Residents | Enters Stage 1 Water Shortage

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Union County Urges Water Conservation Among Residents | Enters Stage 1 Water Shortage

Posted on 11/08/16

MONROE, NC (November 8, 2016) – Due to dry weather conditions and above average temperatures, County Manager Cindy Coto has declared a Stage 1 Water Shortage for Union County. As a result, Union County is requesting its residents reduce non-essential water use to help restore the County’s water supply to safe and healthy levels.

The County’s declaration comes upon the Catawba-Wateree Drought Management Advisory Group (DMAG)’s escalation to Stage 1 of the Low Inflow Protocol (LIP) for the Catawba Wateree Basin, which includes Union County. Union County Public Works joins the other 40+ members of the DMAG in asking customers to:

  • Voluntarily limit irrigation system use to two designated days per week
  • Use only hoses with sprint activated nozzles when watering lawns by hand
  • Limit lawn, shrubbery and garden watering to that which is necessary for plants to survive
  • Limit residential car washing to a minimum
  • Please discontinue operation of fountains and other ornamental water features that do not sustain aquatic animal life

“We understand that it seems unusual to ask our residents to conserve water after summer has ended,” said Ed Goscicki, Executive Director for Union County Public Works. “Our current temperatures have been above average for this time of year and we are experiencing less rainfall than usual, so it’s very important that we take measures now to keep our water supply strong for the upcoming months.

“All it takes is a few small changes in our residents’ daily routines to ensure that our water supply will be maintained at safe levels to serve our population.”

Stage 1 is the second of five drought stages outlined in the LIP and requests voluntary water conservation by water users across the Basin. The LIP is the drought management plan major water users in the region employ to share responsibility and set priorities to conserve the limited water supply during drought conditions.

UCPW thanks everyone for their cooperation and allowing us to extend our valuable water resources.

For more information on the County’s Water Use Ordinance and additional water conservation tips, call Public Works Customer Service at 704-296-4210 or refer to the Public Works website at