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Union County, North Carolina

Small Fuel Spill in Catawba River

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Small Fuel Spill in Catawba River

Posted on 08/28/15

August 28, 2015, Monroe, NC – County Manager Cindy Coto has declared a Stage 3 water shortage for the Union County water distribution system due to a small fuel spill in the Catawba River this morning. The location of the spill was upstream of the Catawba River Water Treatment Plant, which supplies the majority of Union County water customers.

The raw water intake was shut down before any fuel reached the treatment plant. The treatment plant will not be able to draw from the river again until South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Control has notified the treatment plant that there is no contamination risk. The plant has enough water stored to last several days, which should be sufficient time to clean up the fuel spill.

While the spill is being contained, Union County expects its customers to reduce non-essential water use by following these requirements:

  • No spray irrigation
  • Eliminate the filling of all swimming pools, hot tubs, fountains, and decorative ponds
  • Eliminate construction uses of water (e.g. dust control)
  • Eliminate flushing and hydrant testing programs, except as necessary to maintain water quality and in other special circumstances
  • Eliminate the serving of drinking water from the County water system in restaurants, cafeterias, and other food establishments (except upon patron request)

Union County water customers will be notified once the fuel spill has been cleaned up and the Stage 3 restrictions have been eased. For more information, call Public Works Customer Service at 704-296- 4210.