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Union County, North Carolina

“Providing Exemplary Service” Living out the UCPW Vision Statement

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“Providing Exemplary Service” Living out the UCPW Vision Statement

Posted on 03/16/17

MONROE, NC (March 16, 2017) -- Thanks to Chris Medlin, Robert Hargette and Jonathon Williams, our customers at the Solid Waste Management Facility will have a much easier time disposing of their garbage.

The Solid Waste team noticed that elderly and special needs customers were having difficulty throwing their garbage over the top of the Convenience Center receptacles. Medlin and Hargett sprung into action and modified an existing 40 yard container, dropping the total height to a more manageable 36 inches. Several customers have already commented on how helpful it is to have a container that is lower to the ground and how appreciative they are of the team’s efforts to accommodate them.

But the story doesn’t end there. Because of the response to the new container, an additional modified container is being created for construction and demolition (C&D) debris and other related materials.

Stay tuned for more stories on how UCPW is exemplifying its vision statement in the next newsletter.

About Union County Public Works
Union County Public Works (UCPW) provides water supply, wastewater treatment, solid waste management and facilities management services to the unincorporated areas and many of the incorporated areas of Union County. UCPW is the water and wastewater utility service provider to all of the municipalities in Union with the exception of Monroe, Marshville, and Wingate. UCPW has nearly 120 employees and a total operating budget which is primarily funded through rates and fees charged for services. UCPW receives only a small portion of revenue from the tax supported general fund for the Facilities Management Division.


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