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Parks and Recreation has Developed Two Ways You Can Learn More About Parks

Parks and Recreation has Developed Two Ways You Can Learn More About Parks

Posted on June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015, Monroe, NC - The Union County Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Master Plan was adopted by the Board of County Commissioners on May 18. Feedback from the public was excellent with one of the major comments being that citizens were not aware of where parks are located and special events and festivals offered in Union County. Two initiatives are well underway to better allow our citizens to search for these recreational needs.

This first initiative is called GovDelivery and is a special service that allows our citizens to receive e-mail notices on a variety of topics that are chosen by the recipient. They can include items such as special events, public meetings, cancellations due to weather, etc. To subscribe for this free service, use this link

The other initiative is an interactive mapping system that assists our citizens in finding parks and special events within a 100-mile radius. However, the park must be registered on the free websites to be part of the interactive mapping system. The website will assist in obtaining information on the parks and provide easy directions to your recreational activity. This feature is called the “Recreation Treasure Map” and Phase I of the project is almost complete.

Park Staff is hopeful that all Union County Parks and Recreation facilities will be registered by the respective owners on these free sites in the near future. This in turn will create a total recreational services system for Union County.

Phase II of the “Recreational Treasure Map” will provide a Union County-specific map that allows our citizens to locate not only our parks, but also our libraries, public schools, points of interest and other Union County “treasures.” Phase II should be completed within the next 45 days. To use the current “Recreational Treasure Map,” use this link.

For more information, contact Beverly Osborn at or Bill Whitley at .



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