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Union County, North Carolina

Catawba River Water Plant Resumes Normal Operations

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Catawba River Water Plant Resumes Normal Operations

Posted on 08/31/15

August 31, 2015, Monroe, NC – County Manager Cindy Coto has declared that the Stage 3 water shortage for the Union County water distribution system has ended and the County will return to Stage 1water restrictions. The fuel spill that occurred on Friday is no longer detectable in the river and operations at the Catawba Water Treatment Plant have returned to normal.

Thanks to the quick response of customers to reduce water consumption over the weekend. The plant’s storage reservoir is now back to normal operating level.

As a reminder, Union County is still in an on-going drought. Union County Public Works requests that its customers reduce non-essential water use by following these guidelines:

  • Residents are encouraged to voluntarily limit irrigation system use to no more than two days per week.
  • Use only hoses with spring-activated nozzles when watering lawns and gardens by hand.
  • Limit lawn, shrubbery and garden watering to that which is necessary for plants to survive.
  • Drip irrigation and hand watering are allowed anytime.

For more information, call Public Works Customer Service at 704-296-4210.