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Union County, North Carolina

Building Code Enforcement to Change Utilities Policy

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Building Code Enforcement to Change Utilities Policy

Posted on 10/28/15

October 28, 2015, Monroe, NC – Effective Jan. 1, 2016, Union County Building Code Enforcement will no longer authorize the connection of utilities to a residential structure for a temporary or conditional use basis. This decision is the result of information obtained from installation manuals provided by manufacturers of HVAC equipment which prohibit such equipment from being operated in a construction environment. The operation of this equipment prior to final cleaning of the residence contaminates the system and voids the warranty, leaving the homeowner with additional liability.

An additional concern with energizing the electrical service on a residence is the safety of those workers involved with the completion of the project. Although at the time of inspection, only a single circuit with GFCI protection (in addition to the HVAC system) is to be energized, the remainder of the house wiring is typically connected in a very short time. This allows homeowners the opportunity to be given a walk-through of the home demonstrating the electrical system prior to issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy which is a violation of NC General Statutes.

The most common reason for obtaining conditional power on a residence has been for the purpose of conditioning the space so that carpet, hardwoods, and floor finishes may be installed. It’s important to note that the completion of these items is not needed to obtain final inspection and permanent utility service.

The use of temporary saw poles will remain acceptable, as will the use of conditional power for commercial applications.

If you have any questions concerning this change or the inspection process, call Building Code Enforcement at 704-283-3816.